A Special Invitation for Bricks & Mortar and Main Street-Type Business Owners and Marketers...

Here's Your Capuzzi Kick-in-the-Butt to Get Your Customer-Attraction Book Done  GUARANTEED!

This March, I’m peeling back the curtain and giving you a
“paint by numbers” strategy for quickly and effectively authoring a short book you can be proud of!

Dear Friend,

I want to wish you a healthy, prosperous and profitable 2019. I truly hope this is a tremendous year for you and your business!

Publishing a book to get customers is not a new idea, but the idea of publishing a "shook" is a NEW and BETTER strategy for bricks & mortar/Main Street-type business owners and marketers.

Shooks are customer-attraction short books and they are specfically meant for these types of businesses and their consumers.

Books have been a time-tested and proven way to increase your influence, attract quality leads and create more new customers.

However, this potential reality is just a dream if you don’t actually get your shook done! Every day you procrastinate is a WASTED OPPORTUNITY!

I’m on a mission to help more Main Street-type business owners become a published shook author and leverage the extraordinary power of shook-centric marketing.

The first step is reading The Magic of Short Books (if you haven't gotten a copy yet, click here)

The second step is to join me for my first live event of 2019 - Short Book Success!

NO MORE EXCUSES! - This is your invitation to join me, and a small group of smart business owners, at an exclusive and highly focused in-person masterclass* I am hosting on March 28 in Philadelphia, PA to show you exactly how to achieve your own short book success!

* By definition, a masterclass is taught by a master of that discipline and is generally a one-off special event, which is exactly what this is all about.

This Masterclass Is Your Secret Weapon
to Getting Your Shook Done FAST!

Short Book Success is designed specifically for traditional, bricks & mortar/Main Street-type business owners and marketers who understand a helpful short book is the master key for unlocking ways to attract ideal prospects to become valuable customers.

While I believe just about any business owner can benefit and profit from having a short book working for them in their business, there are four “types” of business owners who absolutely-positively should join me in March, including:

  • Healthcare professionals including dentists, physicians, chiropractors, therapists
  • Professional service providers including lawyers, insurance agents, consultants
  • High-ticket or luxury product/service providers including certain types of retailers, real-estate professionals
  • Complicated product/service providers including software developers, manufacturers

Owners and marketers of these types of businesses have unique needs to explain, clarify and position their products and/or services, which I believe can be best served with a customer-attraction short book (shook) and a shook-centric marketing strategy.

This masterclass is NOT for people who are looking to sell their book as a primary source of income or worried about trying to become a “best-selling author” (which has become a commonplace and watered-down “trophy”).

At Short Book Success, I’ll share:

  • A proven “profit architecture” for your book, which is uniquely designed for the specific needs and requirements of Main Street-type businesses
  • The essential “things” your shook MUST HAVE that 99% of book authors completely miss out on
  • Fast and simple ways to get your shook done
  • The best time-saving and money-saving design and publishing strategies I know

If you want a fast, mistake-free path to authoring your shook, don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to be one of a maximum of 20 primary attendees to discover every tactic, strategy and shortcut I know for getting a powerful shook done right and done fastGUARANTEED!

Your Shook = A Proven Way
to Get Your Door to Swing,
Phone to Ring and Website to Ding

We both know attracting good prospects and converting them into great customers is not getting easier.

In fact, it’s a lot harder than ever before.  

Today’s consumer is faced with more options than ever before, yet skepticism and in-action are also at an all-time high. There’s a well-known saying that goes…

“A confused mind does nothing.”

One of the primary jobs we have as the marketers of our businesses is to let our ideal prospects know we understand them and can help them achieve what it is they are looking for.

Sounds simple, yet so many business owners screw this up!

FACT: If you are not helping your ideal prospect make an informed and safe buying decision, you’re no different from your competition. Remember, if you confuse, you lose!

FACT: If you are not positioning yourself as THE local expert and author-ity on what it is you offer, you’re no different from your competition.

FACT: If you are not creating real value and helping before selling, you’re no different from your competition.

But, if you’re reading these very words, I’m guessing YOU ARE DIFFERENT, and you understand the value of what I am sharing with you.

You understand the power, prestige and influence of being a published author and how it will uniquely position you and your business in the minds of prospects and customers.

In my opinion, every day you don’t have a shook working for you in your business, is costing you money!

Be the Author,
Be the Hero!

Being the author of a shook which helps your ideal prospect fix a problem or achieve a goal and then creating a shook-centric marketing strategy to get it into as many ideal hands as possible and helping them with a logical next step will transform your business.

There are people, right now at this very moment, who need/want the information and help you can give them with your shook and products/services.

You can help them. You can guide them.

You can be the bright, shining beacon of expertise and trust guiding them down a safe path.


And it all starts with your shook!

Being the author of a focused and helpful short book is a profitable game-changer for your business.

Smart business owners and marketers have used books for over 100 years as a potent and effective tool to attract ideal prospects and convert them into valuable customers.

Even today, with all the electronic distractions and a glut of free information online, real books are seen as objects of value and their authors are seen as important people, which is why you must join me this March!

In Classic Mike Capuzzi-Style, I Deliver
Maximum Benefits in Minimum Time

Short Book Success is a one-day immersion into HOW you can author a shook, BUILD a shook-centric marketing strategy around it and PROFIT from both!

I get that writing, publishing and promoting a book can be hard and you are probably not exactly sure where to start.

And guess what? You are right!

There are many of pitfalls where you can make expensive and costly mistakes.

The good news is I have developed a simple, easy way to get a shook done and working for you the way you need it to, which is superior to other options available because it’s specifically designed for the Main Street-type business owner/marketer.

These types of owners need a different type of book. One uniquely designed for the requirements and realities of how they interact with prospects and customers.

There is a very specific formula which must be used in order to achieve maximum benefits and profits from your shook and you’ll get it when you join me in March.

This is a roll-up-your-sleeves and be-ready-to-work immersion into how traditional, bricks & mortar/Main Street-type business owners can author and leverage a shook-centric marketing strategy to:

  • Establish a position of trust by helping before selling
  • Create a strong personal position of expert “author-ity”
  • Differentiate their unique value position and expert status
  • Clearly articulate what they stand for in their community
  • Elevate their business above the competition
  • Provide a mistake-free buying pathway
  • Minimize price resistance and comparison-shopping
  • Build a follow-up marketing database
  • Generate free publicity and local media exposure

Finally, the Jump-Start You’ve Been Waiting for
to Get Your Book Done!

I believe in efficiency and know the value of your time, which is why I have designed this masterclass (and optional FastStart mastermind day) to give you the most benefits in the shortest amount of time.

I’ve been hosting similar types of events since 2007 and even after hundreds of attendees, no one has ever gone home feeling they wasted their time and money.

In just one intense day, you will learn everything I know about creating a marketing weapon like no other-the customer-attraction short book. 


Join me at Short Book Success and you will go home with:

  • A complete blueprint and action plan to author and publish your customer-attraction short book with every tactic, strategy, short-cut and resource I know
  • Your shook-centric marketing strategy to leverage your shook online and offline to attract and convert more customers
  • The confidence, enthusiasm and motivation to get your shook done fast

These are the same tactics, strategies and shortcuts I use when working with private publishing clients who pay me $6,000 or more to help them create their shook.

This event is not about sitting idly in a room with hundreds of attendees or networking in the halls. It’s also not about stretching four hours of content into an eight-hour day and then trying to sell you the real solution you came for.

Quite the contrary.

This no-fluff day requires a high-level of personal motivation, focus and commitment to action. It will be intense (you’ve been warned) and transformational.

It will also be a small group because this is the most-effective learning environment. I am limiting this masterclass to a maximum of 20 primary attendees who are committed to authoring a shook in 2019.

This also gives you a unique opportunity to get to know your fellow attendees and create valuable relationships that last beyond our time together.

​The FastStart Mastermind-An Even Quicker Shortcut to Getting Your Short Book Done!

I design my masterclasses to be a one-day investment of time, because I know how hectic business ownership can be, however for attendees who want an even faster path to getting their shook done, you’ll want to attend the optional FastStart Mastermind on the next day.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of the mastermind, it’s one of the secret weapons of all successful people.

Essentially, a mastermind is the coming together of like-minded people to focus their thoughts, ideas and energies on a common, definite purpose.

The common, definite purpose of this day is the sharing of specific questions and ideas by analyzing attendees' specific businesses in an open and interactive forum.

I will also be doing a few hot-seats during the day (I’ll share how you can snag one of these exclusive spots in a moment).

If selected, you and I are going to sit down together and take a look at your business and how a shook can work for it.

I am going to tell you exactly what to do.

Obviously, these hot-seats are an incredible value for the folks I’m giving feedback to, but the truth is, they are just as valuable for everyone else in the room.

This interactive, hot-seat forum allows attendees to start applying the principles, tactics and strategies I shared in the masterclass right away!

Plus, attendees who join me for the second day will attend a private and relaxing dinner after the masterclass.

It’s the perfect complement to the masterclass.

This masterclass day + follow-up mastermind day format is something I have been doing for over a decade and gives my attendees an exceptionally effective and efficient environment for learning and getting things done.

This is a hugely valuable and amazingly effective ONE-TWO PUNCH and truly allows you to maximize your time and money investment!

The Investment

This is a small, private event and attendance is extremely limited.

These spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis and once all primary attendee seats are filled, I will close registration.

The investment to attend the Short Book Success Masterclass is $1,495.

The investment to attend the Masterclass + FastStart Mastermind is $1,995.

This level of financial commitment discourages any dilettantes from sneaking in and is sufficient to warrant my most dedicated efforts and should reassure you about the value I will deliver (and you can expect to receive).

This is not one of those $197 “seminars” where all you are doing is paying for the privilege of being pitched to.

You will go home with THE BEST OF MIKE CAPUZZI, including your own shook blueprint and exactly what to do next.

Either investment is a small price to pay for such a focused and impactful opportunity to get your shook done quicker, easier and with less stress.

Good News! Because you are getting this letter before everybody else, you have first dibs of receiving a $500 EARLY BIRD discount on either option, reducing the fee to only $995 or $1,495, but only for the month of January. Once February rolls around the early discount lowers to $250 and goes away completely on March 1.

MORE Good News! When you secure your seat for the two-day option before February 1, 2019, you will also be eligible for one of the valuable hot-seats. The value of this unique experience is priceless and the feedback you will receive can be worth thousands if not tens-of-thousands of dollars.

​Your Shook Done

As you should expect, your investment in Short Book Success is guaranteed 100%!

If you follow my instructions-you will get your shook done!

However, if you are not completely and fully satisfied with Short Book Success, just let me know at the end of our time together and I will refund 100% of your registration fee.

​Does One Extra New Customer
a Month Make a Difference?

How many new customers does it take to justify joining me this March?

For most of my publishing clients, not many, and chances are if you only got one extra customer per month from this effort, it would be worth it (but my goal is to help you get a whole lot more).

I understand writing and leveraging a book may be something you have always wanted to do but have never felt comfortable enough to get started.

Or maybe you have started, but never completed your business book.

Either way, this masterclass is for you.

I will help you achieve this enviable, worthy goal...

There’s NOTHING LIKE handing somebody your book and seeing their expression change as they realize you’re the author.

You are immediately perceived differently than everybody else who does what you do and at a higher level of expert status.

You have the distinction of being a published author!

Join me at the Short Book Success Masterclass and FastStart Mastermind and make 2019 the year you author your helpful shook!

​The Next Step...

My track record for helping business owners is a long one and I would love the opportunity to have you join it.

Right now, you only have to make two decisions:

1–Decide if you want to get your shook done in the fastest and easiest way possible and save $500 off either option (use the promo code EARLYBIRD in the cart).

2–Choose either the one-day, masterclass-only option ($1,495 $995) or the two-day, masterclass + mastermind option ($1,995 $1,495).

The $500 Early Bird Discount Goes Away In...


Don’t forget this early bird $500 discount goes away on February 1, 2019. You must use the promo code EARLYBIRD (all caps) in the shopping cart.

You may bring one qualified guest (e.g. business partner, spouse, key team member) and receive a 50% discount on his/her registration.

Short Book Success will be held at a Philadelphia International Airport-area hotel, which has a free shuttle, so you don’t have to worry about renting a car or getting a ride.

I’ve secured an attractive sleeping room rate and will send you all the details after I have received your registration.

And don’t forget your registrations includes your breakfast, snacks and lunch during the masterclass (and mastermind) and a private dinner if you are joining me for the mastermind day.

If you have read this far, then you need to be in Philly on March 28 and 29.

I am confident the 20 primary attendee seats will sell out. Right now, it’s a matter of getting the right people in the room, so I can have the most impact.

If you feel this is too expensive, or if you feel your business isn’t in a place to leverage the advanced tactics and strategies, I will be sharing… no worries.

I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise.

But if you’re one of the select few who are excited about what I shared in this letter and the possibilities for you and your business…

…then you need to reserve your seat(s) today.

I look forward to seeing you at the masterclass and helping you publish and leverage your shook this year.

Thank you.

Mike Capuzzi

P.S. You have my personal guarantee these two days (or one day if you can only make the masterclass) will be the fastest, quickest and smartest way to not only author your shook but also figure out smart ways to leverage it in your business.


​What Others Have Said About Past Events

"I became acquainted with Mike through CopyDoodles, which has been incredibly valuable. So, I had no doubts about the quality of information I would receive in his Subscription Newsletter Success Blueprint workshop. Having said that I was still impressed with his commitment to providing exceptional quality material in a way I could understand and implement quickly, I would encourage anyone wanting to improve their business to look for opportunities to have Mile share his marketing wisdom. He really does care."
~Brad Tobin

"Today’s seminar was invaluable. The context, examples and extras that Mike provided really helped you make it feel as though you could really do this. I came not knowing what kind of newsletter I could do for subscription. I walked away with a plan for a workable subscription. I am excited because it can take things, I find fun and pair it with a way I can help others."
~Carrie Lee

"This is my second Mike Capuzzi event. The first one made me thousands of dollars by implementing ideas. This event will earn tens of thousands of dollars or more. The content is specific, real, and easily implementable. Anyone serious about growing or starting an information marketing business would be crazy not to work with Mike – not a “smart idea.” Be there and profit! Working with Mike has been easy. Real ideas and real strategies + real results. It was a very wise decision of mine to work with Mike and will help me get to my goals quicker."
~Jon Toy

"This workshop was just what I needed! It has provided a framework and some 'order' to help me get started. The biggest idea I’m going home with is the necessity of one “evergreen issue” and well-choreographed first package. As for how this workshop was unique…while I certainly enjoy some 'fluff,' I appreciated a day that was focused mainly on “the meat.” I will be referring to the workshop manual often as I move forward in my subscription newsletter business. Thanks Mike!"
~Linda Steele Thom

© 2019 Mike Capuzzi